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Frequently Asked Questions about Domain Names, Registries, Registrars, Internic, ICANN, Resellers

  1. What is a 'Domain'?

    A 'domain' is a name or a word. It can be any word or combination of words and numbers. It can be a title or a sentence. Please read more in Domain Selection and Domain Rules sections.
    Let us take, for example, ''. Computer reads it from right to left. Here, 'com' is a top level domain name (TLD). Then, 'mapname' is our 'domain'. To be exact, it is a second level domain name (SLD). And finally, the last part 'www' is a sub-domain. It is a third level domain name. Since, you can not change symbols in top level domain name 'com', it is correct to just call it a domain extension. Using our services, you can create as many sub-domains like 'www' as you want. So, the main thing in our example here is 'mapname' which is a 'domain'. On our web site, a 'domain' term is a 'domain' plus 'domain extension'. For example, '' is a 'domain' but '' is not a 'domain'. A 'domain' is a foundation for all of your sub-domains such as 'www', 'album', 'blog', 'contact', etc. The number of domain extensions is limited to ICANN decisions but you can still choose among .com, .net, .org, .ca, .us, .info, .biz, .name, etc.

  2. Do I need a 'Domain'?

    If you need a phone to talk to your relatives, if you need a pen or a personal computer to write letters to your relatives, then most certainly YES.
    The majority of Internet users still believes that a 'domain' is needed only for a business, or if someone wants to sell something. This is a misleading belief. The primary purpose of getting a 'domain' is to be able to communicate, to share thoughts, feelings, photos with your relatives and friends.
    In general, you may not need an Email, you may not need a web hosting, but you do need a personal domain name to be able to communicate in this century. A 'domain' allows you as a person to be more private and, at the same time, more mobile and flexible. Your cell phone number can change every year, your email can change often. But, the domain name stays the same. Please read more on this page.

  3. What do you mean by ' is not a reseller. is the service provider' ?

    Unlike thousands of other cloned domain resellers is not just a reseller. is the working horse for all of the domain services. The service that provides is unique and can not be found elsewhere. There are thousands of domain resellers of 'Godaddy', there are thousands of resellers of 'Enom' which all look like identical clones. Their forwarding service is performed by the only one company. Can you imagine millions of people accessing millions of their web site all performed by the only one company? For the illustration, can you imagine all Americans going to their local homes all forced to first stop at a single place at the same time? That is why there are local businesses in each country, state, county, etc. We focus on the real competition in unique services, unique technology and we are proud of the service that we provide. Please compare us to other domain registrars. For example, Godaddy says that path forwarding is technologically impossible. provides path forwarding since 1999. Godaddy also does not support web site icons (favicon) and does not support noframes section.

  4. Which 'domain extension' is better?

    The majority of the Internet prefers .com. We, however, would like to promote any other extension (approved by ICANN) different from .com. The main reason for this is that, otherwise, there is no real competition among domain name providers. You can read about the domain name business competition below and also in our Domain History -section. .Com registry is left a monopoly with all of the negative effects that follow from the 'monopoly' term. All domain name extensions are actually equal. And, the choice of the domain extension depends on domain applications. .Info and .org domain names are the best alternatives to .com and .net monopoly. For families and individuals, .name domain name would be the best choice since .name is not indexed automatically by search engines. You can register your 'domain' in all domain extensions.

  5. How long does the process of registration take?

    Your domain name is marked as 'taken' immediately after placing the order and verification of your billing information. Nobody can take your domain name if you have registered with us. Our registration is one step only so that nobody can take your domain name in the middle of the process. With other companies, you have to complete several steps and/or you could defer your registration by placing your domain name into a shopping cart. Also, our registrations are encrypted by 128-bit SSL technology (high-grade encryption) so that nobody can intercept and register your domain name before you. All settings of your domain name can be changed immediately after placing the order.

  6. Can I use a shopping cart to register several domain names and pay only once?

    Simply purchase 'Wholesale Credits' and then use them as your payment type. Our renewal process works as a shopping cart (in a case of a renewal, you do not have to worry that someone might take your domain name in the middle of the process).

  7. When does a new domain name become operational?

    Before September 9, 2004, it was taking 12-24 hours after the payment was received for your domain to become operational worldwide. Even though your domain name was marked as 'taken' instantly the registry had to add your domain name to the root servers. The registry was running their batch files every 12-24 hours. Sometimes, during weekends, this time could reach the observed maximum of 72 hours. This was the time between registry restarts.
    Now, the registry adds name servers dynamically and thus a new domain name becomes operational instantly. So, as soon as we verify your billing information your domain name becomes registered and live. We have to note that our customers could add subdomains instantly since 2000. And, it took the registry 4 years to implement dynamic additions of name servers. It is very important to mention that does not have to restart its name servers to add subdomains (hosts), or/and to add new domains (zones in this case). Ask other registrars the following 3 questions if they can do it:
    1. Are changes in subdomains (hosts, e.g.: 'www') instant?
    2. Can I use subdomains immediately after a new domain name is registered?
    3. Are changes in domain forwarding and masking instant? answers YES to all of these questions.

  8. What is the registry?

    The registry is a separate entity. There is only one registry for each top level domain name (TLD) such as .COM. We work directly with the registry through registry gateways.

  9. Tell me more about the registries?

    The term 'registry' anywhere on our web site usually stands for Verisign since it is the largest .COM/.NET registry which now has more than 58mln domain names. At the present time, we have different new registries: PIR (.org, over 4mln), NeuLevel (.biz, over 1mln), Afilias (.info, over 2mln), NeuStar (.us, about 1mln) and so on. Every registry has its pluses and minuses. Verisign registry has 13 root servers which are shared between .COM and .NET domain names. PIR.ORG and Afilias.INFO registries have 6 shared root servers. NeuStar.US registry has 3 root servers and NeuLevel.BIZ registry has 8 root servers, 3 of which are shared with .US. GNR.NAME registry has 9 root servers.

  10. Tell me more about the ICANN registrars?

    This term was introduced by ICANN. We call them registry gateways. In the ICANN point of view, changing the registrar (registrar transfer) helps end user to choose a better service. In reality, registrars' transfers are useless because ICANN registrars do not provide any services related to everyday domain operations. That is why we call them ICANN gateways. Now, there are > 500 ICANN gateways which provide access to the registry. The majority of them is involved in a second hand domain name business described below. This makes it very hard to choose the right registrar for the end-users. So, our experience in dealing with ICANN registrars since the beginning of ICANN does matter. We also must point out that everyday domain operations are provided only by the registries and (subdomains, emails, hosting provider). The competition in services only exists between different registries (e.g. .COM vs. .INFO) and between registration service providers (web hosting or forwarding providers) with which you can create and use subdomains. With the majority of ICANN gateways, you can not create subdomains and thus they are just drones.

  11. What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept major credit or debit cards (Visa / Mastercard / Discover / American Express), wholesale credits, PayPal, money orders, cashier's, company, and personal checks.

  12. How much does the registration cost?

    We have a flexible pricing table. Please take a look. There are no setup fees or any other hidden charges involved.

  13. What are the minimum and the maximum registration periods?

    Domain names can be registered starting from one year for any number of years in advance. If you prepay for multiple years in advance by purchasing 'wholesale credits' you can get significant wholesale discounts.

  14. Are there any strings attached?

    There is absolutely nothing else that you HAVE TO buy from us, although you can choose excellent web hosting service and web mail emails here.

  15. Can I buy a domain name from you and host my website somewhere else?

    Certainly. Domains names can be configured to point to any web hosting provider by 3 different methods. Using name servers (Direct Mode) is not flexible and changes take effect in 12-24 hours. With our Advanced Mode, you also have two other methods to point your name in a second by providing appropriate hosts information or using our auto fetch forwarding (masked/unmasked) service. We also offer ultra fast transfers between different hosts via our host replication functionality. Please take a look at some of the web hosting providers you can use.

  16. Does your web forwarding services or Email forwarding services attach any advertisements?

    You can opt out from any advertisements simply by contacting us.

  17. Are there any better deals on domain names anywhere on the Internet?

    We do not know any other company offering Domain Masking with Changing Mask and Title. Please do tell us if you find one. There is no one who offers so convenient instant DNS and/or auto fetch forwarding as we do since 1999.

  18. Is stable company?

    Yes, we have been providing domain name registration services since 1999, and we continue to grow as we expand our customer reach. However, you should be aware of all new registration service providers which have appeared in the last years (2001-now). Those new registration service providers are most likely to go out of business because the open market started in 1999 and it is very hard to create a new customer base in this industry. There are thousands and thousands of registration service providers and we suggest you to choose the ones that have been around since 1999-2000 as We also suggest choosing small size businesses because all large registrars have overcrowded servers (such as Enom and Godaddy which have thousands of resellers that are not providing any service). Our servers are not overcrowded and this allows faster response times for all of our running services such as web, mail, dns, etc.

  19. Why are your prices so low (cheap) $10.95-$16.95/year in comparison with a common $35.00/year?

    The competition has been driving the prices down.

  20. Why are your prices so high (expensive)?

    The Domain Privacy and lots of other features are included in the price. It may seem that $10.95-$16.95 is expensive for a domain name registration but if you add up all services that included in this price you will see that helps you to save hundreds of dollars. We invest in reliability and new technology in comparison with other companies who invest only in marketing tricks. For the majority of the domain registrars (e.g. as Godaddy), a domain name is only a loss-leader tool to attract customers so that they would purchase web hosting services. For us, it is not. On the contrary, our Web Hosting Alternative package shows that you would only need web hosting in rare cases. A domain name is the most important service of your web site or your email or all of your online activity. It is a heart in the Internet. How can you trust your heart to a marketing speculators where your domain name costs nothing or almost nothing!? If you pay to them zero or an amount near zero do you expect your domain name to work?!

  21. What services are included in's registration fee?

    All services of Domain Leader package are included in the registration fee.

  22. Why do you call your domain name package Leader or Gain-Leader?

    The 'Gain-Leader' product is the opposite to a Loss-Leader package offered by other domain registrars. The Loss-Leader package is the package that sells the most but domain registrars loose money on this product and gain money on other products such as web hosting. The Loss-Leader product is a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers which is widely used in domain name industry. If a registrar looses money on domain registrations then the consumer looses on domain name services in the end. We use the direct marketing approach. That is why we call our package Gain-Leader product which allows to gain more domain name services and to ensure stability and transparency.

  23. Do I need private registration feature (value of $10+)?

    The private registration is provided by us for free and is included in our Domain Leader package. At the present time, everyone needs private registration. The public whois database is the major source of data for spammers and criminals. We would strongly advise you not to choose a registrar who lists your billing data in the public whois database. protects your identity and does not open your data unless you specifically want to do so.

  24. How can I be sure that I am getting the best deal here?

    Compare us to other domain name registrars.
    I. If you find easier domain name registration process than ours then the domain name leader package is free.
    II. If you find more convenient domain name management system than our Advanced Mode then the domain leader package is free.
    We state that provides the easiest domain name registration and the most convenient domain name management system you can find on the Internet. Trial login can be found on our front page.
    III. services are unique and can not be found elsewhere. We are not a reseller. We create the software, we create the services, we create the interface and we are proud that we can serve the Internet community with unique technology.

  25. How much does your instant DNS (Advanced Mode) cost if I would like to purchase it separately from the domain name itself?

    The real time DNS with or without auto fetch forwarding (Web Hosting Alternative) is $16.95/year. You can purchase it if you have registered your domain name with someone else and you do not want to transfer. In this case, you may need to change your name servers to ours and will be able to use our real time DNS along with the advanced forwarding. Remember, that real time DNS is included in our registration fee if you register with us or transfer to us.

  26. What is your policy on domain name ownership?

    The individual or company whose info is listed under 'Profile' is the owner of the domain name registered through us. All changes of domain name ownership are free.

  27. How can I access and change my public whois info?

    Please login to your account with us and click on a certain domain name. Public whois info is accessible through 'Public Whois'-link. Public whois info is protected by default against spam. At the same time, the owner of the domain name has the complete control over all records of public whois. All changes of public whois info are free.

  28. How can I check when my domain name expires?

    The exact expiration date of your domain name registered through us is listed only in the members' area. Our automated system also sends out renewal notifications to your profile email address.

  29. Do you sell, give out or disclose my profile information to anybody? Do you send out any advertising materials?

    No. Your profile information is only used by to verify your ownership. Your profile email address is only used by to send you renewal notifications. Please read more here.

  30. Who can access and see my 'Profile' information?

    The only one person who has the password to the members' area can see and change the information under 'Profile'. does not sell or open this information to anybody else.

  31. If someone gets my password and change my profile information will he become the owner of my domain?

    No. In this case, we suggest you to make a dispute request with us. We keep all log files of all changes made to your account in a secure database which is not connected to the Internet. So, you can reclaim your ownership even in this case.

  32. What is your domain dispute resolution policy?

    We have adopted the ICANN Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy as found at ICANN web site:

  33. I have seen catchy offers on the Internet such as a .COM domain name for less than $6/year. Can the price of a domain name be lower than $6/year?

    No. The prime cost of a .COM domain name without any services is easy to calculate. The .COM registry (VeriSign) charges every company the fixed fee of $6 per domain per year. Plus each registrar has to pay ICANN fees ($0.25/domain/year + other ICANN fees), credit card processing fees, etc. If you see a price of less than $6/year then you can be 100% sure that there are hidden fees and hooks involved. The most common hidden fee is that you can not transfer your domain name away for free and/or you will have to pay high renewal fees ( > $35/year ) or (which is now everywhere) you loose your domain name in a second hand domain name business (see below). You always need to keep in mind that the prime cost of the .com domain name without any services is no less than $6.25/year. The end-user single domain name per year retail price is in the $16-$35 interval. For example, OpenSRS, a division of Tucows, which now has more than 4mln domain names, offers wholesale registrations since the beginning of 2000. Their wholesale price was never lower than $10 per domain name per year with no services included and their retail price (see DomainDirect) was never lower than $15 per domain per year. In comparison, our wholesale price for domains with privacy is $10.95/year and retail prices are in $10.95-$16.95/year per domain name leader package which has many features and services included such as private registration, DNS services, sub-domain auto-fetch forwarding, path forwarding, web contact form, unlimited hidden emails, etc.

  34. What is a Second Hand Domain Name Business?

    Many ICANN registrars now, especially the ones that advertise the price less than $6 are involved in a second hand domain name business. Second hand domain name sale might happen after the domain redemption period. You register a domain name through them then they do not allow you to transfer away and also they do not allow you to renew. Then, they send your domain name to domain redemption. The domain redemption lasts 30-35 days. After the redemption, a domain name is released to public. Some companies, however, are making deals with other ICANN registrar (which could be just one of their names) so that your domain name is never released to public. So, what happens is that you can not renew, domain name goes to redemption. They ask you to pay $200 to redeem. You refuse. After the redemption, they put your domain name to the second hand domain name pool and give it to their sub-contracted registrar which then sells your domain name for $500-$1,000 and they share profit. is not involved in the second hand domain name business. Our advice is to never buy used domain names, register new ones, renew your old ones 180 days in advance. Second hand domain name business feeds on .com domain names only. So, we advise you to secure your domain name in any other extension different than .com. When choosing your registrar also ask the following questions:
    1. Do you send multiple renewal notifications?
    2. Do you allow to renew registered domain names. If so, how?
    3. What are your renewal and redemption fees? sends out multiple renewal notifications. To renew your domain names, simply login to domain management area and click 'Renew Domains' link. The renewal fee is $16.95/year. The redemption fee (late fee) is $80.

  35. How does your free domain name program differ from the others?

    In order to get a free domain name or earn money with this program you have to bring us at least two (2) new clients. Thus, the free domain name that you get is earned by you. Please also read about new features of this free domain name program.

  36. Does charge to transfer away?

    No. does not have any hidden fees. It is your decision to transfer away and we do not charge you for doing it. The term 'transfer' has 3 meanings in domain industry. All 3 different kinds of transfer are free through us. The first is the ownership transfer. In order to change the owner of a certain domain name or to move some of your domain names to another account please login, click on a certain domain name and click 'Transfer to Another Account'-link. The second type of transfer is the registrar transfer. By 'registrar transfer', ICANN organization assumes the change of an ICANN registry gateway. In order to make the 'registrar transfer' please read our Registrar Transfer Questions. And, finally, the third type of 'transfer' is hosting transfer which is a change of name servers or change of IP addresses. The change of a registry gateway (registrar transfer) is somewhat useless but the change of name servers is actually a switch of your service provider (keep in mind that you can not change your registry without changing the TLD). Often, it is wise to change the name servers prior to 'registrar transfer'.

  37. How to change name servers (DNS servers) through

    The change of name servers (DNS servers) is needed when you switch your hosting provider.
    Method 1. Login to domain management area, click on your domain name, click 'Mode' and switch to 'Direct Mode'. Then, type in your new name servers.
    Method 2. Login to domain management area, click on your domain name. If your domain name is not in advanced mode switch to advanced mode. Under NAME SERVER section, type in one of your new name servers and click 'Replicate Host Information'. Verify the changes, delete duplicate sub-domain names (if needed), and click 'Save Configuration'.
    If you need instant changes (ultra fast transfers between hosting providers) always use Method 2.

  38. Does provide full access to the registry?

    Yes. provides full access to the registry so that our clients can change name servers and their public whois records at any time.

  39. Who do you work with to provide worldwide accessibility of domain names? works directly with the registries such as VeriSign (.com, .net), PIR (.org), NeuLevel (.biz), Afilias (.info), NeuStar (.us) and so on. The registries (root servers) provide the first stage of mapping of domain names. provides all final stages of mapping.

  40. What features make distinct?

    Unique Technology. Convenience and Flexibility. Reliability. Price.

Other topics are covered in Domain Selection, Availability and Benefits, Domain Rules, Domain Name History, Description of Domain Leader package, Registrar Transfer Questions, Registrar Comparison and Domain Pricing sections.

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