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Domain transfer from one registrar to another

  1. Why would I want to move my domain names from one registrar to another?

    The reasons for doing so may include: pricing, ease of domain administration, services, customer support, etc.

    The most current reasons for the change of ICANN registrars are actually registrars domain policies in every aspect. For example, is not involved in the second hand domain name market and would strongly advise all Internet users to stay away from the ICANN registrars that are involved in the second hand domain name business (see our domain name questions section). Unfortunately, almost every new ICANN registrar is involved in the second hand domain name business so the end-user now has very hard time to choose the right registrar.

    If you do not like changing your registrar (Registration Service Provider) you can still use our Advanced features. You will just need to use our name servers and purchase our Domain Masking with Changing Mask (Web Hosting Alternative) package. Our Web Hosting Alternative package works fine no matter which ICANN registrar you choose to register your domain name.

  2. Can I apply for transfer now?

    Yes, most likely. Please make sure that:

    · The domain has been registered for at least 60 days with your current registrar. If you just recently registered or transferred your domain name, please wait 60 days before applying for transfer.
    · The admin contact e-mail is valid. See questions #9 and #10 below.
    · Domain name is not in protected status.
    · Domain name is not in redemption status.
    · Domain name is not in renewal grace period status. Even though, sometimes, you can lock and then unlock your domain name and that would bring your domain name to OK status.
    · Domain name is not locked for either non-payment or at the owner's request.
    · Domain name is not currently in dispute.
    · Domain name has not been deleted.

  3. What could prevent me from transferring a domain name to

    See the question above. We would outline three major things below:
    1. Unlock your domain name at the registry level through your current ICANN registrar. Otherwise, it is impossible to transfer.
    2. Make sure your administrative contact email address shows up in the public whois and that you can obtain your public whois info anywhere on the Internet. For example, you can check your public whois records at If you do not see your admin contact email address then it is impossible to transfer. Check your admin contact email address if it works. If it does not work then it is impossible to transfer. If your email works only sometimes or if it uses any spam filters then it might be impossible to transfer.
    3. Obtain domain transfer authorization codes (EPP codes) from your current registrar prior to transfer.

  4. How do I apply for transfer?

    Please fill out this automated transfer form providing the list of your domain names and authorization (EPP) codes [ EPPs are required for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .name ]. EPP codes (authorization codes or domain secret) must be obtained from the current registrar prior to the transfer.

  5. What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept major credit or debit cards (Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express), PayPal, money orders, wholesale credits, cashier's, company, and personal checks.

  6. How much does the transfer cost?

    There are no processing fees for transfers. Only a one-year renewal fee is required, [ see our pricing info ]. There are no other charges involved.

  7. Does this mean that the registration period will be extended when I transfer?

    Yes. A year (or more if you choose) will be added to the current registration period.

  8. Can I renew for more than year when I transfer?

    Yes, renewals can be done for any number of years in advance.

  9. How long does the transfer process take place?

    There are two email approvals involved. The first email approval comes from the gaining registrar and the second email approval might come or might not come from the loosing registrar. If conditions of question #2 are met then the transfer can be accomplished in 5-7 days after the first email approval is done. An email is sent to the admin contact of the existing domain with a link to the page where they are asked to approve the transfer. However, it is possible that your current registrar explicitly denies the transfer.
    Currently, the majority of the loosing registrars do not allow you to explicitly approve the transfer even though you have already approved the transfer through the gaining registrar. Loosing registrars usually send an email where the transfer can only be denied by the admin contact. This is not against current ICANN transfer rules. If you just ignore the email from loosing registrar then the transfer happens automatically in 5-7 days.

  10. The admin contact e-mail on the domain is invalid. What do I do?

    Update the admin contact e-mail or arrange with your current registrar to do so. Contact your current registrar regarding how to do it.

  11. Will there be any downtime while the domain name is in transfer?

    Absolutely not. Domain name is transferred with the existing name server information unchanged, and there is no downtime. After the transfer is completed, all the information can be updated as desired.

  12. Please describe to me the current ICANN registrar transfer process step by step?

    1. You submit the transfer through our web site. We send the confirmation email of domain transfer - renewal to your email specified. The domain secret codes (EPP codes) must be provided to us in the very first step of the transfer process.
    2. Then, the system tries to fetch the admin contact email address of your domain name. If it can not fetch due to your current registrar problems, the transfer fails. If the system obtains your admin contact email address from the public whois then it sends the first approval email.
    3. The first approval email must be approved by you within 5 days or the transfer fails.
    4. If you approve the first email but your domain name is locked or suspended for non-payment at the registry then the transfer fails.
    5. If your domain name is in OK or Active status then the transfer process goes on and is now considered approved by the registry. During this step, the registry can deny the transfer. However, we are not aware of any cases where the registry would deny the transfer.
    6. The loosing registrar sends you a second approval email usually asking you to cancel the transfer. If you cancel then the transfer fails. If you ignore then the transfer must be completed within 5-7 days according to ICANN. However, even on this step the transfer can fail. For example, if during this step, you or your loosing registrar lock or unlock your domain name then the transfer fails. (.us domain names do not follow the ICANN regulations, thus, .us domain names must be also approved through the loosing registrar).
    7. If the loosing registrar sends you instructions on how to approve your transfer then use them to speed up the transfer.
    8. The transfer is completed and one year or more is added to your expiration date and now it is possible to change your name servers or public whois info through us.

  13. When is it time to transfer my domain name?

    As described in the previous questions above the ICANN registrar transfer process is a very complicated process and must be started 180 days before your expiration date. ICANN registrars that are involved in the second hand domain name business will do everything possible to deny your transfer. For example, loosing registrars can deny access to public whois, or lock your domain names every day, etc. So, start to transfer as early a you can. Usually, Internet users start to transfer after the expiration date thinking that the registrar transfer is a very easy process. This is very misleading. Actually, a domain name can not be transferred after the expiration date. Currently, the registrar transfer process is a very complicated process.

  14. Are there any better deals on domain names anywhere on the Internet?

    We do not know any other company offering Domain Masking with Changing Mask and Title. Please do tell us if you find one.

  15. What is your domain dispute resolution policy?

    We have adopted the ICANN Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy as found at ICANN web site:

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