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[ to map a domain name means to setup the pointing or forwarding of your domain name to a certain server or web link ] is a private sector initiative to implement new ideas and provide best flexibility of the Domain Name System (DNS), which allows Internet addresses (for example, web pages and email accounts) to be found by easy-to-remember or easy-to-search names, instead of numbers or long web links (URL). has created new extended version of DNS which allows mapping not only to numbers but also to http (web) links and email addresses. Thus, it gives the ability to point your domain name to any place on the Internet such as the map of your office location, cell phone messaging center, chat program messaging center, discussion forum, secure web contact form, your home or office computer, family album, shopping place, free hosting place, etc. So far, there is no any other registration service provider (RSP) who offers the same DNS flexibility and protection as does. also provides tools to monitor and regulate Internet traffic in a real time.

Headquartered in California, is a privately owned company with no credit obligations. runs on a unique combination of advanced hardware and software created by Software engineers who were inspired by Sunny Hill Software back in 1988. The speed you experience can be attributed to the efficiency of our algorithms, to constant traffic monitoring, and to our servers' clusters we have built to create the ultra fast domain mapping engine. The heart of our software is Uni -forwarding, an extended version of the DNS which allows to mix IP addresses with http links and mail server names with email addresses (e.g., use domain forwarding along with the MX settings for your mail server, or use email forwarding along with the IP addresses records for your web server). is the think tank that gives the birth to new ideas and implement them on a daily basis.

Company History

We have been in software development since 1985. Steely Might Software was founded in 1990 and has provided many games, teaching and testing programs in physics and math for kids and students as well as processing programs for oil and gas companies. If you are interested in these programs please contact us for further information.

In 1996, we have initiated web development efforts, created ISPs database covering their services, and established web presence for several companies. Dew Designs was founded in June of 1999 in USA on the basis of Steely Might Software. It was the dawn of the competition in domain names market. In December of 1999, we have started offering fully automated domain name registration services along with auto-fetch forwarding for $15. In December of 2002, we moved to California without any interruptions in our services. And, in October of 2003, we have changed our name to brand which perfectly reflects the service we provide. Since 1999, we have been constantly improving our existing services and adding new services which form our most popular domain name leader package. Our unique forwarding services (domain masking with changing mask, web hosting alternative) can be purchased separately from the domain name itself for only $15.95/year. Current prices for domain names with all the services included can be found here.

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