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Apr 26, 2005
      wow! Man! Now THAT is service! I think i just may buy a few years' worth of domain! Man this is good! Got a testimonials page?! :)

      ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! My site provider charges lots to do this, to make my domain name go to my site! YOU PEOPLE TRULY ARE A SERVICE TO BE ENVIED!

Dan Lirette, Canada
Jun 26, 2004
      Thanks kindly... Have only had to correspond to you a couple times... Your response time is always fast and on the ball!! Thanks
Blain Smith, Canada,
Mar 23, 2004
      Wow........thanks for the super fast response. I appreciate your time and effort in getting it set up for us. Thanks again!
Ken Bajo, Australia,
Mar 10, 2004
      Unbelievable! The fastest response! Thank you,
Daria Henderson, Florida, USA,
Feb 6, 2004
      Thanks for a well designed business.
Peter O'Connor, United Kingdom,
Dec 17, 2003
      Thank you for your Excellent service and support. Cheers,
Cathy Morris, Utah, USA
Dec 16, 2003
      I must congratulate you on an excellent service, these are the cheapest domains I have been able to find. Most companies do not offer DNS control at this price, which I find annoying so I was very pleased to discover Mapname.
Nick Cousins, United Kingdom
Dec 10, 2003
      Fantastic service! What can I say? Many thanks.
Peter O'Connor, United Kingdom
Dec 4, 2003
      I am very impressed with your support - it's 3:45 AM and I am getting very good customer support! Don't you guys ever sleep? :)
Dave McWherter, Pennsylvania, USA
Oct 23, 2003
      You guys are great! Keep up the good work!
Allen Grippin, Oregon, USA
Oct 12, 2003
      Thanks for the great service & quick reply!
John Riper, The Netherlands
Jul 23, 2003
      Thanks a lot for your very pro-active response.
Martijn Maas, The Netherlands
Jul 9, 2003
      Thank you so much! This is great. Dew Designs is a great company!
Stephen Steiner, Wisconsin, USA
Jan 3, 2003
      Thanks a lot for great and fast service !
Ulf Rasmussen, Norway
Mar 13, 2001
      I have been at this a LONG time & you guys have the VERY best domain management system that I have come across... I am slowly moving all my domains to ya'll (as soon as I get enough on the main site that applies to them all)! I will make sure I tell EVERYONE I know about your service (as a matter of fact, I told my friend Thom Johnson & he registered and several other names. He too, as a consultant has many contacts and is more than satisfied)..
Again, Thanks so much for putting together such a fine system...
Al Staley, Pennsylvania, USA

July 16, 2000
      Thanks for the quick response. It is pleasant to receive a personal email, rather than an automated reply. I wish your company success. I read about it just yesterday in the current edition of PC Mag.
David Cole, New York, USA

July 1, 2000
      This morning my account was already activated and I have also activated my email mappings.
Thank you very much for the great and quick service!!!!
Christophe Busch, Belgium

June 12, 2000
      DD! Thanks so much! I am so estatic! Can't wait to move in.
Jennifer Bayne-Donnell, Missouri, USA

May 4, 2000
      You're an absolute legend! Thanks muchly! :)
Christopher Monger, Australia

May 1, 2000
      I'm realy fasinated by your pricing scheme. Why don't you come up with referrals scheme to bring more business to your company?
Keith Lee, Singapore

Apr 15, 2000
      I want to say nice work! You guys got me up and running in less than 24 hours from paying. That is very good work! Thank you.
Charles Wood, California, USA

Mar 27, 2000
      Thank you for setting up my url forwarding. I really like how quick and responsive your services are. I thought getting a domain name was going to be difficult and I was unsure about how to manage it but you have made it very easy to setup.
Charles A. Marino, Minnesota, USA

Mar 25, 2000
      I would also like to thank you for your very prompt service. I'm very impressed with how easy, quick and painless it has been to get a domain name set up. Thank You,
Geoff Buffett, Minnesota, USA

Mar 24, 2000
      Thank you. I will be bringing you much business in the near future and have informed my manager and other employees I work with here at IBM about your site. Pleasure doing business with you.
Charles A. Marino, Minnesota, USA,

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