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  1. What is a Free Domain Name?

    Free Domain Name is a fully valid second level domain (SLD) name such as Beware that other companies may offer you a third level domain name such as which increases the value of their (SLD) name rather than yours.

  2. Can the domain name be free of charge?

    The domain name such as can not be free. The majority of the people now believes that there are ICANN registrars that make their own pricing on domain names. This is a common misconception of the competition in domain name business (please read more in domain name history and domain name questions (especially the question about second hand domain name market) sections). There are many ICANN registrars (about 500) and yet there is only one registry for each of the top level domain names such as .COM. The .COM registry (VeriSign) is the only one. It is the monopoly and it does have the fixed wholesale fee of $6/year per domain name available only to registrars. In addition, each registrar has to pay a share to ICANN, so that the competition happens between the wholesale price of around $10 and retail price of $35.00. Someone has to pay the $6.00 to the .COM registry, cover additional ICANN fees, credit card fees, electricity fees, Internet access fees, maintenance fees, managed dns, domain forwarding, domain privacy, web hosting fees, etc. offers very good way how your own activity can pay off those registry service fees so that your domain name can be completely free of charge.

  3. Our breakthrough offer

    We give away one domain name for every 2 new customers you refer to When a new customer signs up for a domain name, they will have an opportunity to enter your (the referrer's) email address or name or if they come from your link such as [ replace with your email address ] or [ replace JohnPorter with your name ] they do not even need to enter your email address or name. This enables us to keep track of the number of referrals you make.
    New! We also have a 'came-from-a-link' tracking system in place so that you can place a very simple link on any of your web pages:
    Our system tracks the referer link (your web page address) which a new customer came from and thus your account will be credited with referrals. You can verify how this works if you place a link to, click on that link from your web site and check any available domain name on our web site. The best way to link to us is the following (copy the code below and insert it into any place of your web page):
    which then looks like that: Register Domain Name

  4. How it works

    For every domain name registration that came from your name or your web page you get 1 referral. Simply login to your account with us and check how many referrals you made. If you have 2 or more you can simply convert them to wholesale credits. Each wholesale credit is worth of $16.95 and equal to one domain year. Each credit can be used to register, renew, or transfer a domain name.
    You can also convert referals to US dollars (Currently, each referral is $3.00 if you convert them directly to dollars. This is affiliate program that pays you 20% from the domain name sale.) As it is said above, if you convert referrals to wholesale credits then each referral is a half of $16.95. That is 50%!

    If you are not currently our customer, we will notify you when you accumulate 2 referrals. An account will then be opened with 2 initial referrals using your email address or you can contact us to open an empty account and to let us know your web page location or your name.

  5. Why we do it

    Mapname is a group of software and network engineers who devote themselves to programming and technical support. We hire you to be our website publisher.

  6. Free Domain Name Registrations, Renewals, or Transfers

    You have a choice of using your referrals for registering new domain names, renewing or transferring existing domain names or transferring them to your credit or debit card.

  7. Who can benefit from the "Free Domain Names" Referral Program?

    Anybody who does not want to pay to have a domain name.

  8. What services are included in a's domain name package?

    All services of our most popular Domain Leader package are included.

  9. Will I have to pay for anything else like web hosting or domain forwarding? Or, are there any other hidden fees involved?

    There are absolutely no hidden fees. You will not have to pay for anything. You will not even have to pay for the web hosting. The domain name is completely free of charge. This is not just a domain name that end-user can not use. Our domain name registration includes tons of free features such as domain forwarding and masking, instant dns, email forwarding, etc. All services of our most popular Domain Leader package are included.

  10. Does your URL/Domain forwarding service attach any advertisement?

    Absolutely not.

  11. Does your Email forwarding service attach any advertisement?

    Absolutely not.

  12. Will you sell my contact information to anybody?

    Absolutely not. Please refer to our spam policy.

  13. Will you be sending me junk emails?

    Absolutely not. Please read our spam policy.

  14. Who is the owner of Free Domain Name?

    The individual or company whose email accumulated 2 referrals has complete control and ownership over the domain name.

  15. Are there any limitations in control over the Free Domain Name?

    Absolutely not. There is no a single limitation. Since you have found at least one new client you have earned it.

  16. After I get Free Domain Name, can I transfer it away?

    Yes, you can transfer it away at any time if you choose so. There are no limitations on your ownership.

  17. Can I make referrals by putting a banner on my website?

    Just link to
    If you do not have an account with us, it will be created for you automatically as soon as you accumulate a minimum of 2 referrals. Grab any of the banners here, create your own banner or just put a text link to us on your website such as Register Domain Name.

  18. Can I make referrals by means of email, chat program, discussion forum, etc. ?

    Please give the link only to your old friends
    Replace with your email address. Include the link in your email message. A sample message to your friend can be found here.

More information can be found in Domain FAQ and Domain Pricing sections.

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