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Domain Name Selection

Make Domain Name
· memorable
· easy to spell
· pronounceable
· directly related to your business's name, your industry, your personal name, family name, nick name, etc.

It can be
· your first name
· last name
· business name
· nick name
· your street address
· phone number
· any keyword that you want to be indexed
· photo album name
· your blog name
· band name
· sport team name

Domain Names Availability

· There are now companies that register about 60,000 domain name and make a statement that the world is running out of available domain names. This is very misleading statement. It is mathematically proven that we will not run out of available domain names in our lifetimes. If your word is taken try combination of two words. This is how we have chosen MapName.com.

Domain Name Benefits

· Increases your name recognition.
· Makes it easy for your clients and friends to remember your address.
· Indicates you are a serious Internet player.
· Helps brand your image.
· Adds a level of trust and integrity to your site.
· Many search engines refuse to list pages from free sites.
· Some search engines will only index the first page of the certain domain.
· Allows you to use your domain address (www.your_domain.com) and email addresses (your-name@your_domain.com) on your business cards and letterhead.
· Prevents somebody else from registering the name you want.
· Lets you change your current email or web site hosting provider and still keep the same email and web address (www.your_domain.com).
· Protects your Internet advertising investment from failure of your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
· MapName.com allows you to point your domain name to any place on the Internet such as the map of your office location, cell phone messaging center, chat program messaging center, discussion forum, secure web contact form, your home or office computer, family album, shopping place, free hosting place, etc.
· The Internet domain name has become a vital part of corporate identity. Domain name is as important as your logo or brand name to your presence in a global marketplace.
· The value of the domain name is truly incredible. The internet domain name business.com was sold by Marc Ostrofsky of Texas, USA, on December 1, 1999 for US $7.5 million. In January of 2000, loans.com domain name was sold for $3 million. Recently, in December of 2003, Rick Schwartz sold his domain name men.com for $1.3 million. Some of the people would never sell their names.

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