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Free Domain Name Features of our Domain Leader package

- Domain Name Registration:

· Complete control over your domain name

· No hidden charges
[ We have spotted inaccurate advertisement in almost every one of our competitors. does not have any hidden fees. We do not make you or cunningly push you to buy anything from us. Our strategy is to be clear and fair and we give our advertisements up front complete. ]

· Free trial LIVE access
[ There is no wonder that we are the only one company who provides trial live access due to the previous passage. You do not have to buy anything from us in order to try our services in real time. Trial login can be found on our front page. ]

· Internic fee and all registration fees (ICANN and Verisign's fees) are included in our prices
[ This fee is well known and it used to be $35.00/year during 1992-1999. Now, all registry, registrar and ICANN fees are included in our registration package. Three separate entities keep your domain name records: Registry, ICANN gateway and ICANN gateways can provide additional low-level end-user access. ICANN and the registry (Verisign) can assign a new ICANN gateway in a case of a gateway failure. So, if you register through us your domain name records are three times insured and kept with three different recorders. ]

· Free 24·7 network monitoring and technical support

· Free accounts
[ You can have as many different accounts as you like. Each account must have unique valid email address which is your profile email address. Each account can hold as many domain names as you like. And, each domain name can have many sub domain names and many email addresses created on the base of any single domain name that you have. ]

· Free's name servers (domain parking and DNS backup)
[ We provide you with our name servers for free. Our name servers can be used as your backup DNS servers ('DNS hosting' mode or 'Advanced mode'->'Replicate Host Information'). ]

· Free online payment history
[ Your payment history with descriptions is available at any time to browse. ]

- Domain Privacy:

· Free Private domain name registration (Unlisted Public Whois)
[ Other companies charge you for this about $10/year and may charge even more (see our comparison chart). Do you need this domain privacy? Most certainly yes. Public whois info is the major information source for spammers and criminals. At the present time, domain billing information 'phishing' is the major threat to all Internet users. Please read more in our domain questions section. Public whois was OK only in 1992-2000. Then, public whois info was discredited in the 2001-2004 years even by some of the "good" ICANN registrars. Now, it is so discredited, it became a danger to an end-user. All spammers send junk emails to the addresses listed under public whois. They even send regular mail and faxes to the address listed in whois. Their messages are so deceptive even experienced users can be tricked. That is why our public whois info is now protected. We do not let spammers to send you junk emails. Please note that you are in complete control of all records of public whois. You can choose to hide it or not. By default, your public whois info is hidden (private). To change public whois info choose a certain domain name and click 'Public Whois'-link. ]

- Managed DNS (Instant DNS):

· Free DNS Management
[ Most convenient, flexible and easy to use DNS management. A, CNAME, MX records are supported. Unlimited A and CNAME records. Instant updates on all of our name servers (Ultra DNS). Unlimited sub-sub-...-domains are supported. ]

· Different interfaces to choose from
[ We offer several different interfaces to manage your domain name which correspond to different modes, e.g. simple forwarding, dns hosting, most popular Advanced Sub Domains Configuration control panel (Real Time DNS and/or Forwarding), etc. ]

· Ultra fast transfers from one hosting provider to another (use Advanced mode)
[ Our hosts replication algorithm allows you to change your hosting provider in 1 second, no DNS knowledge required. Hosts replication also gives the ability to have more backup name servers for your domain name. ]

· Free Unlimited Subdomains (Hosts)
[ Creation of hosts or subdomains based on your domain name is free and they can be pointed to any static IP, dynamic IP, CNAME or URL (browser link). E.g.:,,,,,,,, etc. Unlimited sub-sub-...-domains are supported. E.g.:,, etc. ]

· Free Dynamic IP support (Dynamic DNS)
[ Allows you to host your site on your own home computer even if you have dynamic IP address. Dynamic DNS has two meanings in domain name industry. The primary meaning of a Dynamic DNS is the Instant DNS which allows real time dns changes described above. The secondary meaning is the support of a Dynamic IP. Anytime, customers can change their IP addresses instantly by logging in to their domain management area at We also provide a simple dns client program which monitors customer's IP address and changes it automatically, latest version can be downloaded from our web site here. ]

- Domain Forwarding and Masking:

· Free Domain / URL forwarding, Masked / Unmasked, Browser Sensitive with Auto Fetch
[ Allows you to convert your long address to and make your URL address permanent and independent from your Internet service provider or your Web site hosting provider.
If you host your Web site somewhere else viewers enter your domain address and are automatically redirected to your existing Web site, it allows you to change your Web site hosting provider and still keep the same domain address.
The URL forwarding is browser sensitive (unique in the industry), this is our patented technology which allows you to forward your name by different means depending on your browser. It includes masking/cloaking and it is search engine friendly and fully configurable. ]

· All known browsers are supported by our Masked/Unmasked Domain Forwarding Technology
[ Our domain forwarding and masking is compatible with all known browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari, etc. For example, our masked domain forwarding shows the scroll bar in Safari browser on a MAC correctly. In comparison, Godaddy does not support masked domain forwarding for Safari; it does not show the vertical scroll bar in Safari browser and thus Macintosh users are not able to view the content of your web page. Moreover, Godaddy shows blank pages instead of a content in Safari and Opera. ]

· Free Icon Support for Your Masked Forwarding
[ The file "favicon.ico" shows up correctly in all browsers and you do not have to upload it to us. Our system automatically gives the icon file to browsers that you already have at your forwarding location masked under your domain name. It allows you to have a nice icon associated with your domain name or a specific subdomain created by you. ]

· Free "robots.txt" File Support for Your Masked Forwarding
[ Our system automatically feeds search engines with the "robots.txt" file if you have it at your forwarding location hidden under your domain name. It allows you to give special indexing instructions to search engines for your domain name if needed. You do not have to have "robots.txt" for the indexing. ]

· Free NOFRAMES Section Support for Your Masked Forwarding
[ NOFRAMES section is automatically filled with your title, location, description, keywords that can be entered or loaded from the forwarding location (see Auto Fetch below). This is done for a better indexing, readability and compatibility. ]

· Free professional uni-forwarding
[ Our patented technology where DNS hosting and URL forwarding are united for best flexibility. Allows you to create unlimited hosts for DNS hosting as well as for URL forwarding. E.g.,,,,, etc. ]

- Auto Fetch Domain Forwarding (Title and Meta Tags):

· Auto Fetch Technology (far beyond any competition)
[ Our patented technology which allows you to fetch title, keywords and description automatically per every page and feed it to search engines. Note that we do it not only per subdomain but per every page of your web site! The title and the meta tags are used by the search engines when indexing your site. There are three ways to setup each of the fields (title, keywords, and description):
1) Enter each tag manually.
2) Load tags from the forwarding address by using 'Fetch Now' feature.
3) Have the redirecting server load the tags from the forwarding location every time a request is made, i.e., every time somebody looks at your page in a browser. The content is automatically fetched from the forwarding address upon each request. The advantage is that META tags will come from the original pages and can be different for and, while if the tags are set manually, the same tags will be returned with every page. ]

- Domain Path and Parameters Forwarding:

· Free Path forwarding
[ Allows you to forward folders to folders and html files to html files. If used along with our masked forwarding allows you to create complete illusion for someone browsing your domain name that your domain name is not using frames and is not using masking/cloaking but gives the same look as it would if the content of your web site were hosted on our servers.
Our path forwarding allows to forward domain parameters as well as folders and files.
For example,
if you map to
1. will go to
2. will go to
3. will go to
4. will go to

Simply insert the following line:
<base target=_top>
into the head of your web page like this:
<base target=_top>
Note: you can also use <base href="http://www.your-domain.your-extension/"> if you do not like full href links in your HTML code. Our advice is to use full links. Images such as .gif and .jpg (<img src="http://your-destination-link") should point directly to the source destinations. All favicons will be redirected (see favicon or Icon support section).

Domain Masking with Changing Mask

Thus, if you use <base target=_top> (see above) along with masked domain forwarding and Path Forwarding features the web link in your browser will change as you click on any link on your web page. In addition, Auto Fetch Domain Forwarding feature fetches parts of your source (such as your title) automatically so that even your masked title will be exactly the same as your source (original) title. No other provider offers such features. ]

· Free catch-all subdomain
[ Even if someone types nonexistent subdomain (host name) or makes a mistake such as wwww. instead of www. then this person still reaches your web site place which you have configured. Catch-all subdomain is denoted as "*". Also, we provide self-pointing subdomain denoted as "@" which allows pointing the domain name itself to any place without having to type www. ]

- Email Forwarding:

· Free Unlimited Private Emails (Email mappings and/or forwarding)
[ Allows you to make your E-mail address permanent and independent from your Internet service provider or your Web site hosting provider.
It also allows you the ultimate spam protection. Catch-all email address denoted as "@" is available but we do not advise to use it because it attracts a lot of junk emails. Instead, unlimited unique email addresses and Domain Forms (see below) give you the most powerful tools against spam. ]

- Domain Name Web Contact Form:

· Free Domain to Cell Phone Mapping (Domain Contact Form)
[ Domain Contact Form is a powerful communication tool. It allows mapping of your sub-domain name to your email address. It serves as a gateway between web and email or your cell phone messaging service, SMS. Instead of giving to anybody your email address or cell phone number, please advertise your domain name. For example, if you have a domain name then instead of advertising to public your email, give them your sub-domain name which specifically designated for the contact purposes and can list (if needed) your address, phone and all contact information and maps. This allows you to have much more privacy and flexibility. The domain name is your foundation and all of the rest (your phone number, address, your Internet provider, your email) is flexible. Our 'domain' registration (see private registration and spam protection) allows you to have as much privacy and/or flexibility as you like. The only name of your domain itself is open to public by default. Even all of your sub-domains are hidden unless you disclose them to somebody or publish them. The domain name contact form converts domain (web) message to email message. The transmission of the messages is protected by 128 bit SSL technology. The receiver email address is hidden and, moreover, it can vary. You can also distribute your domain message to many emails. The domain contact form is automatically created by our server; no html coding knowledge is needed. ]

· Free custom autoresponders
[ We provide custom autoresponders. For example, if recipient has moved you can redirect your incoming mail to and, thus, the sender will be notified. ]

· Free Spam (junk emails and computer viruses) protection
[ Our free spam protection system does not loose your messages. The spam filters and eaters have negative side effects. If the spam filter sends your message to a blackhole or just does not deliver your mail then this is a negative effect. If the spam filter sends your message to your unused folder (such as spam folder) then this is a negative side effect. Any lost message which delivery status is unknown is the negative side effect. Our free spam protection system does not loose your messages. If the sender looks like spammer then our system sends him an instant response with the explanation and advice.
1. We use the following blacklists to identify spammers:,,,, SORBS (,,,,
2. We DO NOT use the following commonly known blacklists because they blacklist almost everyone: BlarsBL (, Five-Ten-sg ( We are against blacklisting everyone. Our blacklists consist of only open to public proxy, hacked or lame servers and the blacklisting time is often only 24 hours.
3. We use our proprietary blacklist and filtering software. It deletes only computer viruses.
4. also provides private email addresses, methods and domain forms (see above) for the ultimate spam protection. The private email addresses allow you to sort out messages in your own email client program (not on the server) which is much more flexible and depends only on your decisions (not ours).
5. There are other limitations on forwarding emails created to stop the abuse of services.
You can always submit your requests or comments on spam related issues and policies to us.
Note: If you additionally purchase web mail box then all spam protection techniques are different and are not covered on this page. ]

· No banners, no pop ups, no spam
[ We do not place any visible or hidden banners on your web site. We do not attach any advertisement to your email messages. ]

· Free changes, Real time DNS and forwarding united
[ Any change of any setting is free. All changes to your domain name take effect instantly if you use Advanced Sub Domains Configuration control panel. ]

· Best Money Back Guarantee in Domain Name Registration Industry
[ Allows you to get a full refund within 1 full year if you are not satisfied. Note: domain names can not be deleted or unregistered and are classified as unpaid in the event of a refund. ]

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