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Domain Name System (DNS), an Internet protocol and distributed database, provides the mapping between domain address and IP address: -> x.x.x.x, where x is a byte (0..255). The last portion of a host name, such as .com, is the top-level domain to which the host belongs. The mapping has two stages. Firstly, the domain name is mapped to nameservers. And, secondly, nameservers have the information about the IP address. The first mapping happens in the root servers.

In 1992, Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI) was granted an exclusive contract by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to be the sole registrar for .com, .net and .org Top Level Domain (TLD) names. NSI also maintained the central database of assigned names called WHOIS.

The official history states that, in 1998-1999, the U.S. Department of Commerce dismantled NSI's monopoly and opened a competitive market for registrations of .com, .net and .org domain names. In reality, the registry was not dismantled. NSI was still the only one registry for .com and .net domain names. In the end of 1999, NSI was forced to start offering wholesale pricing of $6.00 per domain name per year instead of well known Internic fee of $35.00. The wholesale pricing was only offered to ICANN registrars. There is only one .com registry which manages the first stage of mapping the same way it was during all Internet existence. The companies that provide the final mappings have different names such as registration service providers (RSPs), ISPs, hosting providers, etc.

In 2000, VeriSign bought .com, .net and .org registries and currently continue to own .com and .net registries.

In 2003, the new .org registry was created and called Today, we have somewhat competing registries: .com versus .org, or .info, or .biz. Each of the registries is the monopoly in their namespace. Each of them has a fixed wholesale registration fee. New registries can not sell domain names retail. More information can be found in Domain Name System questions and answers.

Having the access to the bulk pricing of the registry through the registry gateways, many registrars can now register and renew existing .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domain names.

Internet users everywhere are able to shop for the best service and competitive prices, rather than being limited to dealing with a single, for-profit registration service provider. The old system was ill-prepared to administer the Domain Name System (DNS) when the Internet burgeoned from its infancy as primarily an academic- and research-oriented tool to a powerful medium for business and personal communications. Users grew increasingly frustrated at the delays, mistakes, lack of service and rigid pricing structure they encountered when trying to register new addresses on the Internet through a monopoly. started to register domain names in the earliest stage (1999-2000) of open market and, now, provides outstanding services to its customers. We were the first who started offering instant single domain name registrations along with auto fetch forwarding for $14.98. The retail price everywhere at that time of just a registration itself was $35/year.

With, you can now register your domain name with privacy for $10.95-$16.95/year and utilize many other included in this price services (please, read more). You can also transfer your existing domain name to us in order to pay less each year. Our wholesale prices are as low as $10.95 per domain name per year. We look through thousands of domain name registration service providers and can proudly state that has the most flexible configurations and professional domain forwarding nobody else has. Also, beware of the hidden fees our competitors have. We have spotted inaccurate advertisement in almost every one of them. does not have any hidden fees. We do not make you or cunningly push you to buy anything from us. Our strategy is to be clear and fair and we give our advertisements up front complete. allows you to map your name to any place on the Internet in a second. We have built the system that is very easy to use and very flexible to configure. It has intuitive interface with a lot of help links. It is so flexible, it even allows you to completely avoid junk emails (please, read more).

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