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Prices are Last Updated on October 9, 2008

Registrar (RSP) One Year Domain Name .COM Price with ICANN Fees Domain Privacy Domain Forwarding, Domain Masking with Changing Mask and Title, Web Hosting Alternative or Web Hosting How to Order
Mapname $16.95/year
(all fees included)

domain forwarding, domain masking with changing mask (web hosting alternative), all browsers supported, path forwarding, web contact form, instant changes, domain stats, instant dns, host replication support, email forwarding with private emails, see details

iPower Web Free with Web Hosting Free

forwarding N/A, excellent web hosting for business and personal use $3.98/mo * 12 months, Free Setup, 10,000 MB of web space, 250 GB /mo of traffic, 2,500 Web Mail Accounts

Yahoo Small Business Free with Web Hosting $9

domain forwarding, excellent web hosting for business and personal use, $8.96/mo * 2 months, Free Setup, 5,000 MB of web space, 200 GB /mo of traffic, 200 Web Mail Accounts

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Distinct Features of's services:
· Domain Masking with Changing Mask, Auto Fetch Technology (Patent Pending)
  - to solve the problems of indexing of masked domains by search engines
· Browser Sensitive Domain Forwarding (Patent Pending)
  - to solve the problems of browsers at the server
· DNS hosting and Domain Forwarding in one control panel to be able to
  - use email forwarding and dns hosting at the same time
  - use dns hosting for some of your subdomains and
    forwarding for the other subdomains
  - use MX records and HTTP forwarding at the same time
· Domain Web Contact Form and Private Email addresses based on your domain name
  - new Email address for every new company you are dealing with
  - to solve problems of junk Emails
  - substitute all Email and regular mail contacts
    with one personal domain name
· The availability checking of any domain name is in all gTLDs
  - so you do not have to check .com, .net, etc. one by one
· The registration is one step only
  - so you do not have to go through multiple screens

All prices listed here are for MapName's Domain Gain-Leader package. Domain Gain-Leader includes a lot of features and help.

HOT SALE! New Domain Registration and Renewal Retail Pricing $16.95/year
.COM / .NET / .ORG / .INFO / .US / .BIZ / .NAME
Transfer Domain and Map your Domain Name for only $16.95/year
[ Domain Gain-Leader package included ]

Wholesale (Bulk) Domain Registration Pricing $10.95/year
.COM / .NET / .ORG / .INFO / .US / .BIZ / .NAME / Other Domain Extensions
To avoid multiple transactions and register domains faster and cheaper, please use wholesale credits.
Number of Domains or Years Prepaid, [ dy ] Price per domain name per year Total Amount
Needed to Prepay
Savings, Mapname Wholesale vs. Mapname Retail
1 $16.95, (Leader package) $16.95 $0.00
2 $15.95, (Leader package) $31.90 $2.00
5 $14.95, (Leader package) $74.75 $10.00
10 $13.95, (Leader package) $139.50 $30.00
25 $10.95, (Leader package) $273.75 $150.00
50 $10.95, (Leader package) $547.50 $300.00
100 $10.95, (Leader package) $1095.00 $600.00

1 dy = 1 domain name · year = 1 wholesale credit.
Example: 10 dy = 10 names for 1 year each = 1 name for 10 years =
= 2 names for 5 years each = 5 names for 2 years each.

To take advantage of these low bulk domain registration rates for domain gain-leader package you have to first open a new account with us by ordering a domain name or adding services to an existing domain name. Then, simply login to your account (Members' Area) and click Wholesale Credits -link. Wholesale credits can be used for renewals, registrar transfers or new registrations as a type of payment instead of a visa or mastercard.

Registrar Transfers

To transfer domain names to please read Transfer FAQ. If you transfer to us your existing domain name the expiration date is extended for at least one additional year. Any registrar transfers of .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .name domain names are $16.95/year.

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